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Haskell is a standardized, general-purpose, lazy, and purely functional computer programming language developed by the programming languages research community. It was meant to be an open source vehicle for programming language research with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. Haskell is based on the lambda calculus, hence the lambda we use as a logo. Cabal is a tool for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs. It can be useful for programs that manipulate data structures such as compilers and interpreters and for concurrent/parallel programming. It is the combination of ML and Lisp. It is different from other programming languages.

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  • Algebra
  • Concurrency
  • Functional data structure design
  • Generic programming
  • Gnarly language extensions
  • Haskell Basics
  • Implementing Haskell
  • Information flow control
  • lenses, & symbolic differentiation
  • Iteratee/Enumerator
  • Library optimization / language extensions
  • Monads
  • Parsing and continuations
  • Performance, Folds and parallelism
  • Phantoms and mutants
  • Project proposal
  • Real-world Haskell