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ColdFusion, more accurately known as CFML was created by by JJ Allaire in 1995, is a commercial rapid web application development platform. It is used for creating dynamic Internet Applications and also known as a rapid scripting environment server. The programming language used with that platform is also commonly called ColdFusion. ColdFusion was originally designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database. By Version 2 developed in 1996 it had become a full platform that included an IDE in addition to a full scripting language. ColdFusion consists of the following core elements: ColdFusion scripting environment, Cold Fusion Markup Language, ColdFusion Administrator and Verity Search Server.

ColdFusion is built / implemented on Java technology platform & uses the Apache Tomcat J2EE application server. ColdFusion requires full access to Java and Tomcat to work in correct way. Java platform and J2EE application server  is required for many of its base services including naming & directory services, database connectivity and other runtime services. ColdFusion enables programmers to easily build dynamic websites. By writing all the code manually or by using wizards to generate the majority of the code, ColdFusion applications can be created easily. ColdFusion tags have the same format as the HTML tags. ColdFusion pages are plain text files that are used for creating the web applications. ColdFusion provides a wide variety of built-in tags & create custom tags.

Following is the extensive list of topics in ColdFusion in which we provide Help with homework Assignment and Help with Project:

  • Coherent energy exchange between mismatched quantum systems
  • Coherent x-rays in the Karabut experiment¬† and interpretation
  • ColdFusion Builder to define a default page template
  • Dynamically developed URLs to datasets
  • Fleischmann-Pons experiment
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Using ColdFusion Builder to define a default page template
  • Validating data entry forms and defining client-side validation rules

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