Adobe Flash Assignment Help

Adobe Flash, also known as Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Flash is a multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games. Adobe Flash is used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash displays text, vector and raster graphics to provide animations, video games and applications.

Programming Adobe Flash project requires special knowledge not only in programming and often requires professional programming help. We have the best Experts / professionals who can really help you with topics like XML and dynamically generated content, advanced animation and interaction concepts, advanced sound applications, Integrating video with Flash, Working with Components using Actionscript 3.0 abd its fundamentals.

Following is the extensive list of topics in Adobe Flash in which we provide Help with Homework and Help with Project:

  • Advanced animation :Nested animations, Animation on a path, Bones, 3D Animation
  • Advanced Vector Drawing
  • Alternate methods to create symbols
  • Buttons: button types, basic button, rollover button, invisible button, adding action scripting to buttons
  • Collision Detection hitTest Method
  • Controlling MovieClips with code
  • Drawing with the tools : Oval , Rectangle ,PolyStar ,Eye Dropper, Ink Bottle
  • Flash Enabled Interface Development with ColdFusion
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • Loading external content and other flash movies
  • Navigation and transitions
  • Object – Oriented Programming
  • Preloading, Optimizing content, Exporting file types
  • Replacement Animation
  • Sound and Video creation
  • Symbol Effects: Filters & Blends
  • Web-based animation and video delivery

Following are the Open Source Development Tool / compiler for ADOBE FLASH

  • ADOBE FLASH Professional
  • ADOBE FLASH Builder
  • Adobe Scout
  • Adobe Flex
  • CrossBridge
  • FlashDevelop
  • Powerflasher FDT
  • Haxe
  • Apparat
  • Eclipse IDE + Flex SDK
  • FlashCommand
  • MING
  • Open Dialect
  • OpenLaszlo
  • Swfmill
  • SWFTools

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